Flexible Scheduling

Updated Friday March 23, 2018 by Chris Knudsen.

Sacramento Babe Ruth Flexible Scheduling

Sacramento Babe Ruth utilizes a flexible scheduling process in order to ensure that we make the most efficient use of our valuable facility time as possible. Our current facility, and the coming new facility being built for us by CSU Sacramento, is one of the most used baseball facilities in the country. There are almost 500 games per year on each field, as we share the facility with the Sacramento Men’s Senior Baseball League and rent it out to various groups during the year for tournament use (which helps pay for the facility costs).

Because of the tight facility schedules and availability, rainouts and missed games can’t be made up at a later time. So if we put out a schedule for the year and one team gets rained out four games and one only gets rained out once, we have a problem, so we schedule more flexibly. Additionally, this flexibility helps the many coaches in our league who also have other coaching responsibilities, such as with high school and college teams (which sometimes cause conflicts), or other life and family responsibilities, just like the players’ parents.

As a player in this league, if you plan other obligations around Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday, you should have no problems (because most games until after Memorial Day will be on these days). The schedules are usually out within the week (sometimes sooner) before the actual games occur and players can make any small adjustments as necessary. If there is a scheduling conflict for a specific player, they need to make a choice as to what is priority (and it may not be baseball, and that’s fine, the world moves forward). It’s really not as difficult to adapt as one might think. If players have a conflict that can’t be resolved, they miss a game. We certainly can’t schedule around every player’s schedule.

As a league, we are very proactive with our scheduling and there is a lot of back and forth with the coaches to make sure all game time slots are filled. The coaches are very aware of what’s going on and they appreciate the flexibly so that they can juggle their busy schedules with the league activities. If this is all too much to handle, maybe it’s not for you and we understand that. As our weather stabilizes, the scheduling stabilizes a bit and hopefully nobody will be too inconvenienced. Please understand though that we are dealing with many teams’ unique schedules and team circumstances, trying to make sure that all teams are treated fairly, and by the end of the season most everyone gets about the same number of games.

As a league, we do our best to make things work smoothly for the league as a whole, even though everything may not be perfect for each and every player all the time. A majority of the board and coaches in the league have no players in the league. We all do this because we love the game and want as many kids as possible to learn it and have fun doing it at one of the nicest facilities at which many of them ever get to play. Thank you for your understanding.

Sacramento Babe Ruth Board of Directors