• McAuliffe Parking

    This is a reminder to all members of Sacramento Babe Ruth that the dirt area behind the snack bar is for SBR staff parking only, not public parking. Snack bar staff and league staff members, as well as the ma... More
  • Field and Facilities Care

    As the season moves along, we'd like to remind you all to please clean up after yourselves out at McAuliffe. Our facilities staff does clean up around the complex, but we would appreciate you cleaning up your... More
  • Umpire Parking

    We would like to ask that when parking out at the McAuliffe baseball complex, you do not park in the spaces designated for umpire parking or in the dirt areas behind the snack bar.  These areas are reserved f... More
  • Score Booth Clean Up

    Greetings SBR Members, We would like to thank all of you who have been so kind as to help us with score keeping duties during games.  These duties are vital to the league in keeping track of what is going on... More